Blood of Our Fathers

And the ramparts we watched were so far away
But the battle was so near
And the blood of our foes was screaming out
But the captain couldn’t hear

We have stormed the shores of every year
But there’s little we can say (to excuse ourselves)
And the blood of our fathers is still screaming out
But our brothers cannot hear

The devils lie still on a desert floor
While the dust in our carpets remains out of sight
And our sweating and bleeding and crying and dying is done
By the kid down the street who god told to fight
God told us we’re right
God says that we’re right

*And this war – it seemed so far away we thought it might not exist
But it’s so near. The battles are being fought every day, right here and right now. The blood of our friends and our foes calls out for it’s end. It has not fallen on deaf ears. We have no excuses. We have no pardon. Don’t give up. Don’t stop fighting. Do whatever it takes. Do what must be done.

We wage this war on war. In the name of everything we believe is just and true. In the name of our brothers and our sisters. In the name of our children. We will not rest. We will not be silent. Until this cloud has lifted and we see the dawn with new eyes, free of fear and hate, and the specter of of our darkest hours.*

The night that is dawning on a dirty town
And tosses the sand through fear ridden lungs
The same dark curtain that sweeps over all our homes
When the songs of the dead are no longer sung


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