Bright kid in the back of the classroom
He’s thinking hard, but not about what they want
Gaze steady and lost in a vacuum
The dream gets bigger every time the girls taunt

This town can’t handle everything that he’ll be
Horizons are calling, “Be completely free”
Adventures piling in the back of his mind
Love and danger, fuck the daily grind

There was one word in his brain
It was someday, someday, someday
Every day listen to him say

Stares into his eyes in the mirror
The years have passed and now he finds himself grown
Starts seeing just a little bit clearer
He’s got nobody but a child of his own

And all that time he was wasting
He believed that somehow
Life could ever be any other time than right now
He looks over to his son asleep
He shakes him awake and says, “Listen to me”

“There is one word you must never say
And it’s ‘someday, someday, someday’
Wherever you go, just tell me you won’t”


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