A Greater Freedom

In the way that the automobile has come to represent (both iconic and literal) freedom for the American adult, so has the bicycle for the American child.

And, perhaps unexpectedly, the freedom granted by a child’s bicycle turns out to be twice as beautiful.

We, the old, cling to suppositions and perceptions of freedom while revisiting the same places over and over again, day after day. Work, the bank, the post office, the bar, church. The places we drive to are concrete, mundane, and our minds follow dutifully.

But regardless of where children on bicycles are headed, their minds are going somewhere altogether different. The patch of trees in the neighborhood becomes an endless forest full of wonder. The ponds become oceans. The piles of leaning sticks, magnificent forts of their own construction. The abandoned building, a dark kingdom. When children pedal away from home, they are headed for adventure.

A child with a bicycle is to be envied.


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