Shannon Keeter @ Synergeo

Richmond singers/songwriters interested in founding a Richmond chapter of the Girls Rock Camp held a show this week to increase visibility, qualify for nonprofit status and just have a good time.

I’m working my way backward through the performers, and Kontradictions will be updated every so often with new photos and audio from the event.

Shannon Keeter

This song really grabbed me! The reverb was obviously added in post-production, but the style of the tune demanded it.


2 Responses to “Shannon Keeter @ Synergeo”

  1. Aynoit Ashor Says:

    Please keep me updated (or put me in contact with those involved) with the Girls Rock Richmond Camp. My daughter has been going to the camp in DC for the past three summers and she loves it! It would be awesome if the camp came to RVA.

  2. hey, the reverb was perfectly added. And I agree, seems like it sounded great on it’s own, but the reverb gave it sucha deep soulful feel that I did it so much I want a copy. Any chance?

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