Weekly Sedition: Bradley Manning & “Tha Truth”

Today an Oregon Hill activist and I face down some military police at Quantico on behalf of Wikileaks informant Bradley Manning. Then we hear a review of Miseducation of the Masses the lastest album from hip-hop propaganda artist Tha Truth.


3 Responses to “Weekly Sedition: Bradley Manning & “Tha Truth””

  1. Paco Castro Says:

    This was a VERY important show. Bradley Manning is a hero who told the truth. What lesson is the US sending in keeping him in prison? That we should lie even when it’s wrong and people are killed for no reason? Of course I also love Tha Truth’s music and I thought the show did a good job of letting us hear different songs from the CD. Very powerful music and what music should be! Not just great to listen to but inspiring and educational as well. If only more hip hop artists made music like this!

  2. The host of this program did an excellent job with this. Bradley Manning is a hero and everyone should hear this show to learn about his story. From there, people can see CourageToResist.Org to take action to help Manning. Tha Truth’s music is also very powerful and important and needs to be heard and supported by those who want to see musicians stand up for justice! I loved what I heard of his music in the show and I have all his CDs. You can check him out at ThaTruthMusic.Com

  3. claudia Says:

    freedom to manning!

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