The Radicalization of Virginia Farmers

I attended the Sustainable Family Dinner Table event in rural Beaverdam, Virginia this week.

It was essentially a conference for local organic and sustainable farmers to get together, network, hold workshops and support each other’s businesses. I was struck by the open tone of defiance to the laws being written and enforced by industrial agriculture giants like Monsanto, the FDA (which now has Michael Taylor, a Monsanto attorney, at its head thanks to Obama!) and the USDA. The words “civil disobedience” were spoken more than once, along with specific mentions of illegal activity and it was refreshing to hear it coming not from the mouths of young, urban activists, but from the local farmers that I’m getting to know.

The world is changing, folks.

2 Responses to “The Radicalization of Virginia Farmers”

  1. Did anyone bring up the topic of systemic pesticides and honey bee colony collapse? Fuck Monsanto, but fuck Bayer too.

  2. this sounds amazing. Next time we see eachother I’d like to hear more.

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