Defiant Burial Ground Victory

Yesterday I attended an event celebrating the struggle to reclaim and memorialize the “burial ground for negroes” underneath the VCU parking lot at 15th & Broad. If it seemed as though there wasn’t as much press as might be expected for such an event, it was because the date of the “official” celebration had been changed from April 3rd (Richmond’s “Emancipation Day”), to April 10th.

Ironically, it was VCU’s basketball game that incited the city to postpone the celebration. The institution that had purchased the site and fought its reclamation was now being offered the incredible concession of moving the event from a relevant date of historical significance. Many of the community organizers who had worked on the issue for years decided that this was unacceptable and that they would not be attending the “official” celebration.

Here’s what they had to say…

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