Weekly Sedition: The Monroe Park Occupation

On Thursday, March 17th, police raided a political occupation of Monroe Park with more than a dozen marked and unmarked squad cars, a bulldozer, two dump trucks, a hazmat team and a police aircraft. This 15-minute segment covers the story of the 8 people arrested and the tensions that the occupation raised with their political allies.


One Response to “Weekly Sedition: The Monroe Park Occupation”

  1. “We wanted to have this thing shine in the most positive light possible”

    Indeed. While disruption and more extreme forms of civil disobedience is sometimes necessary (say, people are dying, for just one example), peaceful protest is often the best way to give this issue a positive light.

    However, fragmenting issues has notoriously not been a good idea when getting attention to controversial causes. I hope the well intentioned decision to allow anyone to make a ‘demand’ is reconsidered the next time there is such an important issue that needs attention. If there is any chance of changing the intentions of the powers-that-be, fragmenting the message may kill that chance. It takes a perhaps already suspicious aristocratic opposition from a perhaps not-so-confident stance (i.e. spin takes SOME craft to create, and there is only so much they can do to make an occupancy seem so unworthy of allowing to continue, and may be considering some concessions) that anything that can come off as “obviously'” ridiculous to the general public is often times HANDING the city the spin that allows them to justify coloring the occupation as a frivolous endeavor.

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