A Gathering.

Someone passed this on to me today.

Not only has the White House declined to veto the latest NDAA bill, but it turns out that the Obama administration is responsible for the language including American citizens. (http://youtu.be/jHaJrnlqCgo) Which is to say that rather than closing Guantanamo as promised, the president has expanded the worst of its principles to the entire country. What semblance remained of the rule of law as standard in the United States is now gone. You or anyone else in this country may be imprisoned permanently without trial.

This is terrifying for several reasons, which should not have to be elaborated on. Let me just point out that the government also retains exclusive rights to determine what groups are terrorist organizations. In London, Occupy was named on a terrorist watch list. (http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/12/05/london-police-listed-occupy-protesters-as-potential-terrorists/) And you can bet your asses that federal agencies have been studying Occupy in the US since the beginning. A Richmond organization called Food Not Bombs that provides food for people who need it – another group that has appeared on terror watch lists. (In fact, a FOIA request made over the past year revealed that FNB has had FBI informants in the group.) Another Richmond group, Anarchist Black Cross, that gives support to incarcerated people by writing letters, sending literature and books – also on terror lists.

Make no mistake about it. This is the first door that opens before people just start disappearing. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week. But it will happen. If not to you, to someone else. I know it’s hard for us to think that way, given our relatively privileged upbringing. It sounds alarmist. But I think it’s time for an alarm to sound.

Festival Park
Monday, the 15th

Let’s figure out what to do. Pass it along.


One Response to “A Gathering.”

  1. Hey Kontra, I believe that’s Monday the 19th*!!

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