Munden Brings Karmageddon

Carrie Munden, aka Cassette Playa

It will be nearly impossible to find pop fashion in 2012 that doesn’t make your eyes bleed. After a spring runway season that Glamour called “more colorful than the crowd at a Lady Gaga concert”, we are sure to see much more of the oversaturated, day-glo colors that have crept their way through the hipster class and international underground to mainstream fashion over the past several years. This will be due in no small part to Carrie Munden, more often known by the name of her fashion label, Cassette Playa.

Munden is no newcomer to eye-scorching color. It was back in 2002 that she began outfitting a then-unknown artist named M.I.A. in track suits and neon prints. Since then, she has become one of London’s hottest fashion items, working with tons of UK artists and international sensations like Rihanna and Nelly Furtado.

Unlike some of her counterparts, she seems to actually have an artistic vision that extends beyond her particular aesthetics (sometimes dubbed “nu-rave”), seeming to show as much interest in the process of sharing her work as in the work itself.

It was in her Autumn/Winter 2010 show during London fashion week that she first introduced “augmented reality” to the runway, in which video of the models were simultaneously streamed to a video screen with virtual, avatar-like identities overlayed. (video) Munden has synthesized novel concepts like these with actual design philosophies to become one of most interesting designers in the business.

Her new line is being hyped by this excellent video short, themed on the theoretical Armageddon of 2012. Her visuals are set to the equally hot music of Dipset trance that fits the bill perfectly. Look beyond the kaleidescopic fragmentation and that ridiculously cute, freckled model and you might just see the future of fashion.


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