Cross-Referencing Bullshit.

This sticker was pasted inside a telephone booth outside a Richmond 7-11. It seems to intentionally aggregate the most common exploitative ideas in society into one place.

“Have your lack of privilege or poor choices fucked you over? Obviously. You’re using a pay phone. Give us a call, and for a small fee, we’ll beg God to change things for you (since he’s obviously done a poor job thus far). We’d also be glad to give you a loan at exorbitant interest rates until things are looking better. Once you’re in debt to us, we’d be glad to help you find a job with the one of the shitty companies that paid to advertise to the most underprivileged and desperate elements of society. (They tend to complain less about minimum wage, working conditions, unpaid overtime and the like.) If all this fails, we’d be happy to get you a credit card that will sufficiently bury you in debt for years, making the hole you’re in even more difficult to climb out of.

Also, it will be breezy with a high of 74 degrees today.”



One Response to “Cross-Referencing Bullshit.”

  1. That’s pretty fucked!

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