Richmonders’ Documentary Prophesies Tragedy

A film that was screened at both the James River Film Festival and Gallery 5 received a sobering postscript this week. With Signs Following is a documentary film by Richmonders Mark Strandquist and Kate Fowler about the last church in West Virginia to practice snake handling. It’s primary subject, pastor “Mack” Wolford died on Sunday from a rattlesnake bite, the same way his father died years before.

Photo by Richmond filmmaker Mark Strandquist

The trailer for the film is eerily prophetic, and foreshadows Wolford’s death in an almost beautiful way.

Wolford’s congregation has been in the public spotlight for some time, first appearing in a 1989 Bluefield Telegraph article about his father’s death. A November article in the Washington Post profiled Wolford as well.

Be on the lookout for future screenings or digital availability of With Signs Following.


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