Cuccinelli “Unethical” But Effective – Board Stalls Regulatory Process

Departing Board of Health member Jim Edmondson called out Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for giving “wrong and unethical” advice to the Board during the creation of regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities.  Edmondson reflected on his nine years on the Board, citing the two year regulatory process on abortion regulations as forcing the Board “from apolitical to political.”   The statements were made at the close of the June 6th, 2013 Board of Health meeting which also included a nearly 15 minute detailed explanation, by members of OpposeTRAP, of the profound implications of the Attorney General’s position.


Cuccinelli’s strong arm tactics precipitated a seismic shift on whether to grandfather in existing clinics: from a June 2012 vote 7-4 FOR to an 11-2 AGAINST only three months later.  The impact of this political split continues to hinder appropriate regulatory process.  The only two Board members to not change their vote at Cuccinelli’s threats, Edmondson and Anna Jeng, are currently the only members to request a special meeting on a petition for rulemaking for full service hospitals.


The refusal of other Board members, as yet, to discuss amending hospital regulations is striking, given Ken Cuccinelli’s recent statement that these amendments must take place.  The implications of the decision are broad, especially for Board members who are affiliated with the hospital and nursing home industries.  


One member spoke privately of a concern that motioning for a special meeting would be seen as politically motivated in an election cycle.  “Given that it is the Board’s responsibility to discuss petitions for rulemaking, failing to act because it is an election cycle IS a political act,” countered Molly Taylor Vick, of OpposeTRAP.


The legal challenge, yet un-responded to, has received hundreds of comments from citizens and medical professionals over the past month.  A third Board member can still call for a special meeting at any time.

(from 06-10 OpposeTRAP press release) / 804-514-0227 /


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