Salomonsky: Richmond is a “Ghetto of people making $30k-$50k a year”

Now here’s an interesting bit of audio.

Louis Salomonsky is the downtown developer who did time in federal prison for conspiracy to commit extortion, along with the Council member he bribed.  He recently laid out in full brazen form for Style how he was skirting taxes the straight-and-narrow way, but was smacked down by the city immediately thereafter.  He has been (and is currently) one of the loudest advocates for a new stadium in Shockoe Bottom, and controls a substantial portion of property in the area.

In a recent interview with Open Source on these tax abatement issues, Salomonsky also openly lamented the city’s “ghetto of people making $30k-50k a year”, citing it as the reason why the city keeps asking developers for more and more luxury condos.

Shortly thereafter, he notes with optimism that “minorities moving to the counties” because of a “declining school system” will finally bring rich, childless empty-nesters into the city, making it richer than the counties.

The fight against those counties for economic supremacy is still ongoing, he reminds us!

Wait, what?

Just to be clear… Citizens making $45k a year are ghettoizing the city?  And the declining educational system (even now closing schools) is a good thing, because the “minority” families that make up this city will be forced to leave to educate their children properly?  And we’re in an economic battle with the counties… why?

How is it possible that people like this say what they think and still get their way?


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